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Mhairi Threlfall is your Labour candidate for Filton & Bradley Stoke.

Filton & Bradley Stoke is the fourth most marginal seat in the South West and a must win to get Jeremy Corbyn into government!

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Mhairi Threlfall, for Filton & Bradley Stoke Labour Party

Mhairi Threlfall

Mhairi Threlfall

Mhairi Threlfall

Eastville Councillor
for Bristol City Council


Assumed office 2 May 2013

Personal details

Mhairi Louise Threlfall (/vɑːr θrɛfʌl/) is the Labour Councillor for Eastville, Bristol City Council.[1][2]

Political career

Mhairi was elected in 2013[3] as the Labour Councillor for Eastville, by just one vote.

Mhairi was re-elected in 2016[4] with an increased majority of 1,266.

As local Councillor, she supported the community on a couple of high profile campaigns, including the No to McDonalds in Fishponds Campaign[5], which was subsequently overturned by the Planning Inspectorate[6]

She was appointed as the Cabinet member for Transport and Connectivity for Bristol City Council in 2017[7]. Mhairi led on the development of the Bristol Transport Strategy[8] and has campaigned on improving air quality in the city.[9][10]

She supported the introduction of the first Biogas buses in the city region[11][12][13] and the first electric taxi.[14]

She has also actively supported the development of our local railway[15][16], and has been a vocal support of the Filton Four tracking project[17], and mass transit[18]. She secured funding during her tenure to deliver the Portway Park & Ride.[19]

Mhairi resigned her role to focus on standing for parliament as the Labour candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke.[20][21][22][23]

Early life and career

Mhairi was born in Musselburgh, Scotland. She graduated with a degree in Chemistry at the University of Bristol. On graduation, she set up her own business and work as Entrepreneur-in Residence at the University of Bristol.

She currently works at the University of the West of England as a Senior Enterprise Consultant[24], developing the enterprise and entrepreneurship offer in the curriculum.

Mhairi is currently a Director of Bristol Is Open[25]. She was previously a Trustee of the Arnolfini[26], a member of the Avon Fire Authority[27], and a member of the Bristol Shopping Quarter.


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